Design guide

All event stationery suites give you the opportunity to tailor each piece with various options of paper stock, colour, personal touches and meaningful details.​

The following are fixed and cannot be changed:

Paper size / Overall layout / Fonts


The lovely options


Gesso - a lightly hammered surface texture, sourced from sustainably-managed forests (FSC).

Colorplan - untextured coloured stock sourced from sustainably-managed forests (FSC).


Note: When using Gesso, if you opt for full colour coverage across the paper surface there will always be a charming off-white edge showing.

Wording on your stationery can be tweaked to reflect your personality and / or tone of the event.



The Studio also offers the option of: typography-based monogram, abstract art and custom map design. Additional investment is required for these - please refer to the price guide.

Recycled fleck kraft envelopes* are used with the option to choose recycled white or recycled ivory fleck envelopes at no additional cost. *Made from 100% recycled content, therefore colour/content can vary significantly from batch to batch.

Coloured envelopes are also an option for additional investment.



Ink colours

The ink colours work with a variety of different papers. Due to the thickness and textures of the paper stocks used there will be slight variations in the colours. (Some colours are available in coloured paper but are not an exact match)





Recycled papers

These options are best if you don't desire a full coloured ink background

Pearl - slightly warm tones and subtle texture crafted from a mix of recycled fibres and cotton fibres.
Fleck - off-white stock with coarse bright white flecks made from 100% consumer waste

Due to the recycled and unbleached nature of some of the paper stocks used, shade and fleck can vary between batches giving each piece of stationery a unique edge.

Paper clips

The Studio has thrown out the old tradition of twine, ribbon and belly bands and only offers the option of a gold paper clip to secure your invitation set / table stationery together and keep everything in one place.

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