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An initiative founded by Kent-based Graphic Designer and Stationer, Chloe Ainsley.

DISTRICT is a project created to showcase quirky and interesting venues/spaces in Medway, Kent and to provide a supportive environment for university students/graduates and local,  creative wedding & events related businesses to practise honing their skills, stretch their imaginations and make new friends in the way of styled shoots.

What's a styled shoot?

A 'styled shoot' is a photo shoot conducted in a collaborative, controlled and thought out manner in which the creatives involved supply goods, produce props, dress people (or objects) and place them into a designated space that creates a particular look and feel.


All DISTRICT shoots are TFP shoots. (TFP stands for Time for Prints). Each shoot has a host venue and all suppliers including the model/s donate their time and skills for free in exchange for free high-resolution digital photos for his or her portfolio.

This is a great opportunity to meet suppliers and other small businesses. I guess you could call it a fun, networking event. All suppliers and venue owners in the Creative Team will get a collection of photos which they can use for promotional purposes on the agreement that you credit the photographer whenever using the images and where possible highlight the other suppliers that were involved too.


There's no 'I' in team, the core planning team is myself, the stylist, the venue and the photographer but DISTRICT shoots involve the whole team in bringing the creative concept to life so don't be shy in communicating your thoughts and ideas ahead of shoots.

A condition of being considered for a DISTRICT shoot is that you're able to illustrate how your products could be used after the day/in other ways. DISTRICT shoots are keen to promote ways that people can be eco-friendly, act sustainably and produce less waste at their wedding/event.

DISTRICT shoots feature:

Community & friendship / Medway-based venues / Local suppliers / Eco-friendly details /

Encourage all bodies / Make do & improve mentality / Good public transport links to host venues


Dependant on the venue space and location, a DISTRICT shoot could be made of a Creative Team consisting of a combination of the following:

  1. Planner/stylist

  2. Photographer

  3. Dress supplier

  4. Props and/or furniture supplier

  5. Crockery & cutlery supplier

  6. Hair stylist

  7. Make up artist

  8. Cake artist

  9. Caterer

  10. Florist

  11. Stationer

  12. Real couple or model/s

The number of suppliers per shoot is generally limited to a maximum of 10 so that the photographer can capture a varied selection of creative shots.


If you're interested in being involved please use the contact form at the end of this page.


The Creative Team will receive a mood board in advance and a detailed itinerary closer to the shoot date so that everyone is clear on the vision, flow of the day and what happens after the day.


Shoot day: Dependent on the venue availability

Timings: DISTRICT SHOOT - 9am - 4pm

  • Venue dressing & model/s prep time: 9-11am
    (2 hrs)

  • Shooting time: 11-3pm (4 hrs)*

  • Clear up: 3-4pm (1hr) - pick ups from 3.30pm


Limited to 4 scenes max

These scenes will include model/s interacting with the products and the venue space.

  • Dessert/Food table

  • Tablescape (incl. stationery flat lay)

  • Backdrop installation

  • Interior/exterior features of the venue

*Working closely with the photographer and stylist, a shot list will be drawn up ahead of the shoot to aid in sticking to the time schedule detailed above.


Lunch: Bring lunch. On some occasions there may be the opportunity to buy lunch from the venue or there could be some food available if there's a caterer as part of the shoot but this isn't guaranteed


Unfortunately delivery of items pre-shoot day is not an option and on the day drop off and pick up is required.


DISTRICT is all about providing opportunities and valuable experiences so with this in mind the preference is to use "ordinary" Kent-based people and real couples for the shoots OR budding models and actors/actresses in the Kent area who are just starting out in their field.

If you fit the above criteria and are interested in participating in a DISTRICT shoot please complete the form below. Your data will be stored for one year and if you're a good fit for the creative concept you'll be contacted via email.


This contact form is for:


who are interested in being part of a DISTRICT shoot