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5 Signs Of A Great Stationery Designer

A great stationery designer will be your compass. They'll help you navigate through the sea of choices, steer the ship away from potential paper-related disasters and provide a clear map so everyone involved can be confident that we're on target for beautiful, design-led wedding/event stationery.


A great stationery designer cares about your budget. They will not be out to bleed you dry. They will want to enable you to get the best for your investment. They'll show you what your ideal invitation will cost and present you with alternative options that are just as beautiful. A great stationery designer will always reassure you and encourage going for small alterations to an existing design if budget is a concern.

Design A great stationery designer does not do straight copies of other stationers pre-existing designs. It's illegal. They'll remind you that design is the biggest labour cost (sometimes print if you're opting for something like hot foil or letterpress). You're not just paying for sheets of paper. In simple terms you're in effect paying for an artist to create a painting.

Paper A great stationery designer chooses the paper carefully working with a select group of UK based paper suppliers and printers who adopt a good level of eco-consciousness in their work practice and/or products. A great stationery designer will remind you that the more paper you use the more expensive your stationery will be and will question whether you really need all those pieces of paper!


A great stationery designer knows their strengths and will draw on the expertise of their trusted production and supply partners when needed. A great stationery designer won't take on or suggest that they can provide a particular print technique or finish without researching FIRST and drawing on the specialist knowledge and skills of those who know best.


A great stationery designer will spend hours assembling your stationery suites so that you don't have to. Some stationers love this part, others not so much but whichever your preference more often than not they'll do it.

Choose well and the journey should be enjoyable for everyone involved!

Chloe x

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