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Reduce Stress With Calendar Invitation Cards

The clock is ticking, your wedding date is getting closer, you've been itching to order your invitations and get them posted BUT have been delaying incase the government guidance related to the current global crisis changes leading to you needing to change your date.

Scenario: You need to get your invitations sent yesterday

Do you go ahead with the invitations that you've had your eyes on for months faced with the risk of having to get part of it re-printed? Or maybe its getting late and you're rapidly heading for no invitations at all?! Calendar invitation cards may just be the answer to your problem. The calendar cards are designed for those who need invitations quickly but are still very unsure of when their new date will be.

The calendar cards work in two ways:

One: Have your wedding date printed as usual leaving the calendar element un-circled so that if your date changes again, rather than another reprint, email and call all of your guests and tell them to circle the new date on their calendar cards.

Two: Don't have your new wedding date printed and leave the circling on each calendar to do yourself as soon as you feel confident and have your date agreed with your venue. This option allows you to go ahead with an order of cards which you can then hold onto for a little bit while rearranging other aspects.

These calendar cards are an ideal choice if:

  1. You're working with a low budget or have allocated a very small percentage of your wedding budget for stationery.

  2. Your stationery designer has informed you that you've left it too late to order all singing and dancing invitation sets in time

  3. There's a high chance of your wedding date changing at the last minute.

  4. Physical invitations aren't very high on your priority list so you're more than happy to keep things simple.

The calendar cards can work as standard invitations, change the date cards or save the date cards with the option to go double-sided with additional information about your wedding or perhaps a meaningful message of love and appreciation to your guests on the reverse. If this sounds like the right choice for you please get in touch with the Studio to find out more.

Chloe x

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