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Why A Stylist Is A Sustainable Choice Whatever The Size Of Your Wedding

Delighted to have Venue Stylist Catherine from All Things Considered Events for the Studio's first guest blog. As a sustainable stylist, Catherine designs for celebrations that are environmentally and socially conscious through a fun process of super creative tweaks and imaginative twists. Catherine helps build events that are both green and gorgeous - now there's an offer you can't refuse! Read on to find out from Catherine why a stylist is a worthwhile investment whatever the size of your wedding.

When planning your wedding day, you’ll likely have considered stationery, photography, food and flowers, but you may be wondering how a wedding stylist can help, particularly if you’re planning an intimate wedding or elopement. Well, one of the things we can do is help to make your day as sustainable as it is stylish, no matter if you have 3, 30 or 300 guests! We give life to your ideas, think about the small details as well as the large, and ask all the important questions to make sure your day is as eco-friendly and ethical as you planned.

So let’s dive in to why a stylist is a sustainable choice, no matter the size of your wedding.


Imagine waking-up on your wedding morning, full of anticipation for your ceremony. You’ve worked closely with your stylist to plan a look that feels uniquely you as a couple, and now you’re about to see it all for the first time, as you lay eyes on your partner. How fun would it be not to have to lift a finger and have all of your décor a complete surprise on the day! Especially if you’ve chosen a remote location – let your stylist worry about the logistics of getting pieces from A to B.

One of things I love to do with my couples is help you find the why – the values which are most important for your wedding day. As part of this, I help you work out what you already own that could be styled into your day to make it all the more personal and full of your story. This is also a great way to bring in sustainability as it avoids buying new!

Intimate weddings

There is so much inspiration out there that it can be tempting to keeping adding props and spending more on your décor, particularly with intimate weddings where you may have a bigger styling budget. A sustainable stylist can help you work out how you want to feel on your wedding day. This can really focus the mind and help you make more intentional choices for your décor.

Just because you are having fewer guest numbers, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to pair-back your décor too. So a stylist can help ensure that you create an authentic, personal look, whilst also knowing the best ways to make your day more eco-friendly. Whether that’s having the best network of suppliers to hire instead of buying, or arranging to donate your food and flowers.

Larger weddings

With more spaces to style and place settings to lay, a wedding stylist can give you the biggest gift of all for larger weddings…time! In the run-up to the day you will have time to enjoy the excitement, whilst your stylist deals with research, emails and quotes, finding like-minded eco-friendly suppliers to bring your vision to life. And time on the day of your wedding (or the day before) to enjoy seeing friends and family, getting ready and relaxing, knowing that the set-up is in safe and sustainable hands and you won’t be running around last-minute looking for that final piece of ribbon!

With larger weddings, it can feel overwhelming trying to source all your style items without leaving too big of a footprint on the world. A sustainable stylist can use their green fingers to do the heavy lifting for you. That may mean swapping out things for experiences, simplifying areas of your day or bringing in items you already own and making them look amazing.

I hope that gives you a little insight into what working with a stylist is like, and how we can be a sustainable choice, no matter the size of your wedding. If you need any extra tips or would like to find out more about my services, you can find me at or over on Instagram @allthingsconsideredevents.

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