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Why I Love Table Plan Cards (and You Should Too!)

Many couples are opting to make a real feature out of their wedding table plan making them a key element and decorative piece in their own right by opting for unusual layouts and interesting props to make them unique and personal. In recent times the humble table plan has taken on a special meaning as people select their very nearest and dearest for smaller and more intimate celebrations.


A set of table plan cards rather than a single board allow the flexibility to get really creative and offer the added bonus of often working out cheaper to re-print a single card rather than a whole board if changes need to be made. Seating plans often end up being one of the last things to finalise and the cards can prove to be the most budget-savvy option especially for those opting for a destination wedding or wanting to store/display them as a treasured keepsake after the day.

Your table plan cards can be personalised and created to compliment your menus, place cards and invitations. The size of table plan cards (usually around postcard-size) means you can hang them with pegs, put them in a frame or mount onto board or other material AND let's not forget that the titles can be table names or numbers!


Wire grids are a great base option for attaching table plan cards to because the grid can be repurposed afterwards at home as a piece to attach useful documents, photos, whatever you want! If you don't fancy a wire grid you could choose a selection of photo frames and display them with each table having its own frame. Add in some additional framed images of your family and friends for a lovely touch.

Or why not use your old baby photos or photos of you at some of your favourite places for your wedding table plan? Photos of you at aged one for table one and so on are a lot of fun.

As your Stationery Designer I can work with photo selection, incorporating them into the design to ensure that everything looks lovely and guests can find their names!


Bottle table plans are very popular and one of my fave type to help couples create.

Last year I created an interactive table plan - there were little messages for each table in each bottle. The table plan cards were created from handmade paper and attached to the bottles with organic natural hand-dyed ribbons deliberately tied in a way to enable the ribbon to be used again (and I have used them again for place cards!) The greenery was foraged from the venue grounds. White candles were secured in the bottle necks but fresh or dried flowers can work just as well as illustrated below.

Incorporating your hobbies or favourite objects into your table plan is another creative idea to consider. With a little imagination, you can attach your table plan cards to most things. Think about bicycles, old window frames and even doors!

Tiny plants or flowers in little terracotta pots can make absolutely beautiful seating plans or you could consider finding an old desk or hiring one from a prop hire company to compliment your theme/colour scheme. Decorate it with flowers, props and items that relate to you and display your table plan on the desk.


Who doesn't love a wax seal or two or three?! I'm all for them when used purposefully. I avoid using wax seals as purely decoration and always explore ways that they can be functional and decorative. The wax seals on these table plan cards have been positioned so that the back of each wax seal can be used to affix the cards to your chosen surface.

Mirrors with creative or ornate frames are ready-made wedding table plans. Just affix your wax seal table plan cards to the mirror surface and ready to go. Not keen on the mirror idea? How about wood or board? There are a few nice options!

All of the images are of table plans that I've designed and constructed so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're eager for the Studio to help you create your table plan. I'm brimming with eco-friendly and budget-savvy ideas and can point you in the direction of prop hire companies and venue stylists based in various locations across the UK.

Chloe x

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