Sustainably sourced,  thoughtfully made

Every little helps and we can all do our bit to help look after people and the planet. Few can claim to be completely eco-friendly but the Studio aims to be responsible and avoid excess and waste where possible. Learning along the way!



The majority of the Studio's products are paper-based and can be recycled. The stock used is FSC certified (sourced from sustainably managed forests). Large format signage (A3 size and above) is made from cardboard which prints full colour and can be recycled. 

  • FSC certified paper (sourced from sustainably managed forests)

  • Recycled paper 

  • Plantable paper embedded with flower or herb seeds.

  • Post-consumer waste is waste that people have actually used and recycled instead of discarding to landfills. This could be any paper product: milk cartons, books, junk mail, magazines, and more


As standard the Studio uses recycled kraft envelopes which are environmentally friendly envelopes with a unique look. A recycled envelope produced by FSC accredited British envelope manufacturers.

Coloured envelopes come from traditional British paper mills and are consistent in colour depth quality across the entire envelope face.

Art prints

The Studio's art prints are printed on archival art papers using high quality ink that outlasts your average art print. The Studio's prints are made to last a long time meaning your art print is guaranteed to last up to 80 years and maintain the excellent printing results with defined reproduction of colour and detail.

The Studio's art print supplier is 100% carbon neutral which means where they can, they minimise their energy usage and use suppliers of renewable energy. Where unavoidable, they offset all of their carbon emissions.

Printing & Finishes

The Studio works with a group of trusted suppliers due to their sustainable and eco-friendly credentials. Some partners use certified vegan-friendly vegetable-based litho inks, chemistry-free plates, no animal glue and all partners use papers sourced from FSC certified mills and sustainable sources, helping to reduce my environmental impact, and yours!

Laminating isn't particularly great because the process to breakdown the paper becomes more difficult. None of the Studio products are laminated.

As of Summer 2019, the Studio made the official decision to no longer offer any form of acrylic products in an attempt to help reduce plastic consumption and avoid the potential of the material ending up in landfill.

Studio setup

  • The Studio is making attempts to find online options and solutions for any primarily paper-based tasks wherever possible and use digital/cloud-based solutions to reduce the need for storage of paper files.

  • The Studio now has zero printed marketing materials. The note cards that are sent with deliveries are printed on eco paper with minimal ink and specifically designed for multi-use so I can use that same card for general correspondence, orders, thank you's and so on.

  • Meetings are done via video conference or telephone.


Goods sent out directly from the Studio use pre-used boxes or boxes made from recycled materials. No pretty, luxurious packaging just a brown or white box with a sticker on so you know its from the Studio. Products are usually wrapped in plain tissue paper and sometimes padded with shredded paper (or reused bubble wrap from supplier deliveries!) to help to protect it on its journey to you.

In general, items are sent out in paper bags, envelopes or cardboard boxes and the Studio uses compostable cello bags for protecting art prints.

Bubble wrap from deliveries are re-used so if you get a parcel with bubble wrap that's the reason why. Items drop shipped directly from supply partners may also arrive bubble wrapped!


Walks to the Post Office and use of public transport to drop off deliveries. Printing is bulked together to limit the number of delivery runs. In most cases, items larger than A3 are drop shipped directly to you.