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5 Signs You're Wasting Money on Save the Date Cards

Hang on a minute! A Stationery Designer suggesting that I could be wasting money investing in save the date cards? Yes, that's right...

Here are 5 massive signs that you're probably wasting your precious pennies if you decide to order save the date cards:

  1. Your wedding or special day is less than a year away. (You need to get cracking with those main invitations sharpish my friend!)

  2. You have a tight budget (Use it to make your invitations awesome instead!)

  3. You don't have a firm handle on the guest list yet

  4. Your guest numbers are VERY small. Again you'll be better off investing in beautiful invitations straight off.

  5. You see the majority of your potential guests regularly and could send a message or let them know by word of mouth to save the date.

However, there are instances when save the date cards could prove essential:

  • You're getting married abroad but don’t have all the details yet and need to allow guests time to save for flights and accommodation

  • You've chosen a bank holiday, or other occasion where people might book a holiday in advance

  • You've chosen a week day as your wedding/event date

  • The celebration is a multiple-day event

  • You've booked your wedding/event date WAY in advance (more than a year)

  • You have guests who live abroad or out of town/the local area

If you don’t fall into any of the above and you have your wedding/event information ready to go, I'd suggest booking a stationery designer and getting awesome invitations created instead! Redirect the budget which would've been spent on save the dates into your invites or something else entirely!

If save the date cards are the right option for you, do check out my lovely range (some of which you can see above in this post). All designs are ready to be tailored to compliment your colour scheme. Try not to put yourself under pressure with the colour or the look of your save the date cards at this stage, you're right at the beginning of your wedding/event journey and once you have a clearer direction of your day, you can get invitations created that tie everything together.

Chloe x

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