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The Easiest Way To Avoid Re-printing Your Invitations Again

Many couples across the land are facing a dilemma when it comes to wedding invitations due to the ongoing impact of the global pandemic that we find ourselves in.

Scenario: You've already sent out your invitations

You've sent out your beautiful invitations, you're excited, your guests are excited and then hits the awful discovery that you need to postpone and change the date due to the latest government guidelines. Some may argue those invitations are only pieces of paper, no biggie just get a reprint. What those people may not realise is that you worked with a professional stationery designer and invested anywhere between £500 and £1.5k for those invites.

Some couples are in a position to take the financial hit but many are not, especially when every other aspect of their weddings need to be reconsidered too! I've used one of my studio collection designs above called 'Strike' as an example of a lovely bundle of paper goodness. In a lot of cases it's only the date that needs to change so hopefully there should be no need to get full invitation sets reprinted - phew!

Time for 'change the date' cards

Once you've got your head around the prospect of printing some form of 'change the date' card, the key to keep the additional cost down is to opt for generic and small. When I say generic I mean no frills, just an envelope and a well-designed postcard-size card to let your guests know of the change. I have a selection of 'change the date' cards that you can choose from right here.

Still worried that you're shelling out and might need to move the date yet again?

I hear you, what if someone crucial to the day falls ill or the venue that you had originally booked goes bust or worse still a second wave of the virus...I think we've all come to realise that anything could happen! But there's only so many times you can pay for a new set of cards. So I've come up with a solution - it's not foolproof but could be a great help for some.

Why not consider having a calendar card? Below you can see an example of the calendar card offered by the Studio and for past couples there's the option to have their calendar cards tweaked to compliment their original invitations as illustrated with a pink version of the 'Strike suite'

The calendar cards work in two ways:

One: Have your wedding OR event date printed as usual but leave the calendar element on the left un-circled so that if your date changes again, rather than another reprint, email and call all of your guests and tell them to circle the new date on their calendar cards.

Two: Don't have your new wedding date printed and leave the circling on each calendar to do yourself as soon as you feel confident and have your date agreed with your venue. This option allows you to go ahead with an order of cards which you can then hold onto for as long as you need while finalising and rearranging other aspects.

The calendar cards can work as standard invitations, change the date cards or save the date cards. And remember if you have more changes than will fit on the front of the calendar card - there's always the back! There's a few other things that can be done with these calendar cards to maximise on the additional investment which you can read about here. If this sounds like a good plan for you get in touch with the Studio.

Chloe x

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