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Same Party, Different Date

Sometimes event plans go pear-shaped and sometimes they get majorly messed up, the latter seems to happen when faced with a global pandemic. You've already had your invitations printed and have had to postpone/delay your wedding or event. What now?

Before you make any stationery decisions read through my top tips to help you choose the right option for you.

1. Hold fire on printed 'change the date' cards

Wait a little before rushing and printing a load of 'change the date' cards. Make sure you know with a high level of certainty that your new date has been agreed and nailed down. Get written confirmation from your key suppliers such as venue, photographer, caterers and so on. If you're keen to get something to guests quickly consider sending a digital 'change the date'.

2. Stop apologising, there's better ways to show that you value your guests

There is no need to apologise on your 'change the date' card especially if it's related to the current situation, everyone knows and no one needs to be reminded. Stating that the date has changed due to unforeseen circumstances is enough for everyone to realise that the change is unavoidable.

If your new date is likely to have significant impact on your guests, do follow up with useful details such as how they can change hotel bookings etc. It shows that you care enough to take the time to pull together the crucial information for them and shows that you really want them to be able to attend your wedding or event.

3. Save the explanations

Avoid explaining why the date has changed. Keep it light and positive. Sure your nearest and dearest might ask (if by any chance its not related to the obvious) but do you really want whatever has led to your date change to be on your beautifully, designed change the date card? (I thought not!)

4. We all appreciate something that makes us smile

Personality and a bit of humour is not a bad thing. Whilst doing research for developing my own cards I was confronted with card after card displaying dull, lifeless titles like 'change the date', 'we postponed', 'delete the date', 'postponed' and so on. In my opinion none of those titles spark any excitement and seem quite negative so I considered the opening titles of my own.

The range also offers the option of double-sided 'change the date' card printed with a personal message of love, appreciation, silliness or perhaps your favourite quote on the reverse. Think of it as a 'change the date' card and love note rolled into one!

5. Give your guests something worth looking at

There's a lot to be said for a well-designed card, regardless of whether the card is printed or digital but definitely if you're investing in printed 'change the date' cards! (Choose well!)

6. Matching isn't always the best idea

Try to avoid 'change the date' cards that are identical to your invitations, it's confusing as hell. What? I hear you cry. 'But isn't it good to get 'change the date' cards that match my invitations?'

No, not always - just imagine this; the 'change the date' card casually place alongside the original invitation. It only takes a quick glance to accidentally clock the wrong date. That being said if you have your heart set on 'change the date' cards that match your invitations ask the original stationer that created your invitations I'm sure they'd be more than happy to oblige.


If you've got this far and would love to order 'change the date' cards I thought it worth mentioning a few things about the card designs.

  • Fonts: There are two font options to choose from for each 'change the date' card design. The first image shows the sans serif font and the second image shows the serif font.

  • Flexible: The cards have been designed to flex for any event type so whether it's a postponed birthday bash, a delayed milestone celebration or a rescheduled corporate event they're ready to be adapted with a simple tweak of a couple of words.

  • Colours: The 'change the date' cards are available in a light cream colour, however the plan is to offer alternative colours in the near future but test prints are required first, due to the nature of the eco-friendly papers used.

One of the most important things when creating these cards was that they're not just a reaction to the current situation but designed to last. With longevity in mind all of the 'change the date' cards can be requested as 'save the date' cards too (you're welcome, tell your friends!) Take a peek at the range and get in touch when you spot the design you love.

Take care, stay safe!

Chloe x

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