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Secrets of Successfully Saving for your Wedding Stationery

In the UK, on average, couples spend 6-9% of their total budget on stationery. Keep in mind that's an average some choose to invest a lot more and some a little less - there are no rules except don't get into debt.

Let's look at the numbers - if your total wedding budget is £10k, based on the average spend, you'd be looking at investing around £600-£900 in professional, design-led stationery. I see those eyes widening... It's important to remember you're paying for the skill, expertise, administration, printing, materials, hand-finishing and time involved to create!

Do not fear! Working with the Studio, a well thought-out investment will enable you to have a beautiful, stationery including save-the-date cards, invitations, on-the-day pieces and thank you cards. However, do bear in mind, if you're keen to include finishes like tassels, silk ribbon, wax seals, handmade papers, shaped items or lined envelopes these carry a larger investment so you'll need to be prepared to save hard! Before you get your heart set on the look you've found, discuss whether or not the elements included are in within your budget.

Before you start saving, it's good to have a goal, right?

This is number 1 reason to start researching stationery early on, find out what you like and don't like and request a quote from the stationery designer who's work you've got your eyes set on so that you have some idea of how much you'll need to save.

Foolproof saving tactics

  1. Start saving as soon as you've got engaged. Work out how much you're able to invest on your wedding as a whole - think about the venue, the flowers, the cars, the stationery, the lot.

  2. Work out how much out of that wedding budget you're willing to invest in your wedding stationery Factor in both the invitations and on-the-day items such as place cards, menus and table plan. Don't forget thank you cards if you you're going to want to send those too! (Oh and the stamp costs - often forgotten!)

  3. Prioritise your wedding stationery wish list Order your wish list from 'definitely have to have' down to 'we can do without if we have to'.

  4. Look at your wedding timeline, if you don't have one, draft one! Think about when your chosen wedding date is and work backwards determine how many months you'll have available to save.

  5. Setup a separate bank account for your wedding to deposit your savings so that you're not tempted to "accidentally" spend it. A savings account is a good call as you'll make a little bit of interest on top - every little helps!

  6. Put aside a little from your salary each month It's completely up to you how much you're going to put aside. Anywhere between £50 and £150 each month and before you know it 6 months later you'll have £300 - £900 to potentially invest in your wedding stationery. If both you and your partner are working and you both save the same that doubles to £600 - £1,800!

And finally do not fear and do not compare! It's your day, don't worry about what other people are spending. Together we can choose the elements that fit your day and your budget.

Happy saving!

Chloe x

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